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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Wirehead post every available job?

No, we don't always post every job we have. Our recruiters proactively recruit passive and active candidates and are focused exclusively on securing the best IT talent ensuring our clients achieve talent management success quickly and effectively.  In addition to searching our own database we also search on LinkedIn and Monster.

What job boards does Wirehead use to post jobs?

Wirehead exclusively uses LinkedIn and Monster to post most of our active jobs and always on

What happens with my resume after I have registered?

When you register with Wirehead, the information you provide will help our recruiters match you to your next IT role. As part of your registration, your details will be made available to Wirehead's network of recruitment consultants. Rest assured that your resume will be kept on our database and will be considered for all future opportunities.

Do I have to be incorporated if applying for a contract position?

Yes, for insurance purposes we require all our contract consultants to be incorporated. You can find links on our site in the Information Centre area on how to incorporate.

Do I require a security clearance?

Yes, in most cases today employers require you to have or to go through a security clearance as part of the hiring process. Wirehead can help you with obtaining your security clearance through our sponsorship program.

What happens after Wirehead submits my candidacy to a client?

After you have registered with Wirehead, one of our recruiters will follow your IT career and make you aware of any suitable opportunities. We will always discuss each role with you, ensuring there is a mutual interest and fit for both you and the client. If there is an interest, we will then send a client authorization email of representation to you highlighting everything we have agreed to in the conversation. Once you respond back with your confirmation to represent you for that particular role, then and only then will we proceed to submit your application to the client.

Throughout the entire process, rest assured that you will receive regular feedback on the status of your application. We will manage your expectations until you are either placed on client site, the role has closed or your application has been declined. We will always give you feedback no matter the outcome of your submission.

How long after attending my interview will I find out if my candidacy has been successful?

When you attend an interview with us or with one of our clients we'll give you a date when you can expect to hear feedback from us regarding your candidacy, usually within 1 to 3 days.

Can I contact a recruiter directly?

Yes, you may contact a recruiter that you have already dealt with or that has contacted you.

Does Wirehead work mainly in Canada?

No, we work internationally with a worldwide clientele and candidate network. We provide global support to our international clients and candidates alike.

How does Wirehead protect my personal information?

Wirehead cares about your privacy and goes to great lengths to protect your personal information and ensure confidentiality. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.

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