Managed Services

Imagine How Good You’d Feel Having Someone Else Do The Dirty Work

CIOs and IT Managers today face the challenge of providing high-quality services while reducing your costs. To accomplish this you need an infrastructure that is optimized, responsive, virtualized, energy-efficient and automated. Using Wirehead managed services to complement inhouse IT staff is one potential solution.

Wirehead delivers peace of mind with around-the-clock North American wide support, hosting, business continuity, email, data backup & recovery and break/fix maintenance.

With a portfolio of flexible solutions designed for affordability and tailored for growing businesses, we can help take labor-intensive hands-on duties off your hands. Imagine how good that would feel. ALL FOR A LOW COMPETETIVELY PRICED, MONTHLY FEE.

With Managed Server Services, you can access the robust, secure, redundant, infrastructure you need today, without a significant up-front investment. Then tap into built-in scalability that lets you add middleware or services at any time.

Best of all, by choosing Wirehead as your hosting provider, you are free to concentrate on what matters most: the long-term growth of your company.

With our extensive experience, we deliver 24/7 nationwide coverage, delivering guaranteed levels of performance as a trusted extension of our clients' IT team. We can support customers with a range of managed services to simplify and maximize their IT function.

  • No hardware or software investment
  • No additional staff or increased management time necessary to maintain
  • Solutions designed specifically for midsize businesses
  • Assurance of working with an industry leader
  • Easy to implement, easy to use, easy to manage
  • Flexible solutions adapt as your business grows

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