At Wirehead we invest in understanding our clients' businesses in depth. We meet regularly with all clients to understand your short- term objectives and long-term strategy. We want to understand what markets you work in, what markets you plan to grow into, what kind of people succeed in your environment, and much more.

We match IT employers with the experts and resources that are best suited to their evolving needs. Through our staffing division, we help Fortune 500 companies and Governments achieve consistency in their staffing needs, while equally serving smaller, local businesses in attracting hard-to-find resources with niche skill sets.

Our detailed and extensive knowledge of the candidate pool enables us to send the right candidates to you quickly. This maximizes the value of the time you spend recruiting and ensuring you make the right hire every time.

Let Wirehead be your partner in a rapidly changing, increasingly complex IT environment and to help navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Information Technology world.

We employ the best, we represent the best and we recruit the best that technology has to offer.

Why Wirehead?

Why Wirehead? We get this question a lot! Well, why call a computer an apple? Wirehead was designed from the start to be a different alternative in IT Staffing Services & Solutions. We took a look around and saw lots of techno babble, confusing pricing schemes and not much in the way of customer satisfaction or support. We decided that a simpler, more customer friendly approach was needed.

Wirehead was born in 2007 and the rest is history. We've grown our company with a dedicated group of talented believers in the notion that simple, old-fashioned service and value still ring true. Wirehead has focused our entire company on delivering the best value and customer service experience in the IT Staffing Services & Solutions space. We make every effort to make our services easy to own, easy to use and most importantly to provide real business value. And yes, we like to have fun doing it.


The Wirehead brand represents what we believe in and guides everything we do.

The world around us has become more connected, and we're more empowered to change things for the better - together. While staying true to our values, this insight about the power of community and making it accessible to everyone, has given us the opportunity to capture the imagination and bring people together in simple and human ways.

Over the coming months and years our brand will continue to expand into more markets across the globe as we take our customers on a journey into new services and technology/media.

Building a trusted brand is one of our five key strategic priorities alongside growth, innovation, efficiency and quality.

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Wirehead would be pleased to discuss how our services may best fit your IT staffing or solutions requirements and would welcome the opportunity to be included on your next Request for Services.

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