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How is Wirehead different from other staffing agencies?

Wirehead exclusively specializes in technology staffing and solutions. All of our recruiters and account executives come from technology with broad IT industry experience. See our section on How We Work.

What level of insurance and security does Wirehead provide?


All of our independent contractors are insured for $5million Errors and Omissions and $5million General Liability.

Risk Mitigation

All our independent contractors are incorporated eliminating any employer risk by employment and tax law liabilities. Our Risk Assessment Services help to reduce or eliminate your liability and protect your bottom line.

Areas of risk include: unpaid income tax withholding's, unpaid premiums for employment insurance, unpaid overtime and WSIB premiums.

Contract Administration

We administer all our contractor payments and benefits in addition to on-boarding and contractor readiness for client assignments.

Do Wirehead consultants have a security clearance?

Yes, all of our consultants have either a Federal or Provincial security clearance.

Does Wirehead provide any guarantees?

Yes, to demonstrate our commitment, we’re pleased to offer you a firm MONEY BACK guarantee. We’ll help you make a successful hire, regardless of how many resources or how much effort is required by us, or your money back.

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