This candidate charter has been established to clearly outline the commitments, responsibilities and standards you can expect from Wirehead and what we would like from you in return. By fulfilling these obligations we can build stronger relationships and provide mutually beneficial and rewarding partnerships. - Wirehead

What you can expect from us:

Ethical Best-Business Practices

Wirehead has proven why we‘re one of the market leaders in the sourcing and provisioning of IT Professionals and SAP Professionals. The strong feedback we receive from both our customers and candidates proves our way of doing business is the only way of doing business. Our candidates and clients both increasingly prefer to work with us exclusively as a "Global Source of IT Professionals" because we refuse to participate in underhanded business tactics to overcome our competition. We prefer to be honest and open, offering our customers and candidates every opportunity to make an informed decision on working with us as an organization.

Fastest Interview Turn Around Times

More often than not, the candidates we submit to our clients will receive requests for interviews and even placements within hours. Why? Because we develop and maintain strong relationships with the decision makers within our clients’ organization; take the time to gather as much pertinent information from our client as possible; ensure a thorough understanding of our candidates IT skills; listen to the needs of a candidates; then ensure it is a suitable match for both. We do not and will not submit candidates that "sort of" match the requirement. We take the time to submit 3 candidate profile options that are each an excellent match for the requirement so as not to waste anyone’s time. We are confident that one or more of those candidates will receive an offer.

Timely Feedback during the interview process

Our consultants have told us how they appreciate us keeping them informed throughout the entire interview process. We help them manage their expectations in terms of how quickly they can expect to move forward with our client, setting up interview times, and ensuring they are moved expeditiously and smoothly through the hiring process from start to finish. If our client does not wish to proceed with the application, we provide closure on the role. We will never leave you wondering. Once we’re able to place our candidate in a role, we contact them from time to time just to check in to see how things are.

Best rate negotiations

We negotiate hourly or per diem rates as best we can while keeping in mind fairness to both our customers and our candidates. Our rates are based on industry averages, length of contract and IT specialization. Our margins or fee is a standard rate billed to our clients once the candidate has accepted the offer and the paperwork is signed. Our fee is such because we know we can deliver on our promises where other recruitment agencies have failed. We contend we are the best at what we do and have sales substantiation to show our candidates not only stay on our client sites, but a minimum of 80% will even get extended beyond their original contracts. A significant percentage of these have such a positive experience that they prefer to use us as their primary agency for representation and in finding their next assignment.

Best salary negotiations

We negotiate compensation packages as best we can while keeping in mind fairness to both our candidates and customers. Our direct hire/ permanent company fee is a standard rate billed to our clients once the candidate has accepted the offer and the paperwork is signed. Working in conjunction with Hiring Managers within our Client Companies, our proficient Account Executive Team has expertly negotiated some of the best compensation packages in the technology marketplace for candidates seeking the security of full-time permanent employment.

Timely Payment Schedule for Subcontractor

We pay our contract consultants promptly (bi-monthly) and regularly through Direct Deposit EFT or by Cheque. We’re confident that contractors currently working through us or who have previously worked through us in the past will not hesitate to tell you that our Contractor Care and Payroll Divisions are one of the very best in the industry.

Best Business 2 Business Relationships

Relationships are our forte. Consistency and follow-through of our message is what makes Wirehead stand out in the highly competitive technical staffing industry. Consistent with our name, matching IT Professional Candidates and Clients on a "1-to-1" basis Wirehead is best in show. The results are evident. Hiring Managers and Project Managers are more apt to take our calls and discuss their IT staffing requirements. This work ethic has enabled us to quickly become one of the few highly sought after Top Tier vendor IT recruitment firms to many mid-size, enterprise size organizations and Governments around the world.

Best Business 2 Consultant Relationships: You’re not just a Candidate!

To Wirehead, our consultants are not just an invoice. They are individuals with needs other than their careers. Our approachable staff makes it a point to listen to consultants desires and can offer flexibility around personal circumstances. Whether they are on contract or have been placed in a Direct Hire/ Permanent role, our candidates will often get visited on client sites by one or more our staff enabling us to further strengthen the relationship we’ve developed with them. At Wirehead, we take every opportunity to put a face to a name and will never hesitate in doing so.

The numerous and positive testimonials we receive support the fact we really do care about our candidates. Our market success stems from our awareness that no matter the industry, we truly are nothing without people.